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Floratos AD is a dynamically developing company with long traditions in the national and international road transport.

Floratos AD was founded by Andrianos and Konstantinos Floratos as a family business in the town of Patra in the late 1980s.

The company started its activity in the field of freight transport in Greece and constantly continues to develop. Since the company's establishment, we have been constantly trying to provide the best possible service to our partners, always working on the basis of the International Legislation and Standards in the field of Transportation of the respective country.


Floratos AD has emphasized on the international transport of bulk foods in cisterns.

By providing international solutions in the field of transport Floratos AD meets the needs and addresses the challenges that our partners encounter every day in the international supply chain.


To justify your expectations with our abilities and reliability, we offer the best and highest quality services based on the specialized needs of each individual partner.

Floratos S.A. Is constantly trying to offer you the best possible services with regard to:

  • Timely receipt / handing out of cargoes
  • Secure receipt / transport / handing out of cargoes
  • Ensuring the quality of cargoes and hygiene
  • Protection of the environment


We believe that the prosperity and development of a company is entirely dependent on some basic values such as:

  • Safety and prosperity of our partners and employees.
  • Good working conditions.
  • Policy is continuous training and evaluation.
  • Environmental awareness and environmental protection.
  • Awareness of the beneficial influence of Change - Development and the pursuit of them.
  • To be brave, creative and ready to explore new ideas.
  • To build open and honest relationships based on the communication and understanding both inside the company and with our partners.


Area Cardolia, Saravali- Patra, zip code: 26500, Greece

Tel: +30 2610.994.794, +30 2610.527.200

Fax: +30 2610.994.971

E-mail: info@floratostrans.gr

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